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Geodis Wilson

Global Pharmaceutical Freight Management Services

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Geodis Wilson

Tailored solutions to ensure pharmaceutical compliance.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing enormous pressure to reduce global logistics costs. At the same time, increased outsourcing has put total supply chain control at the forefront of business strategy. We have a proven track record of partnering with pharmaceutical companies to meet industry-specific challenges and reduce costs by providing personalised solutions that optimise the supply chain.

Global Control Tower and e-service transparency

Our Global Control Tower approach provides complete operational, tactical and strategic control throughout the supply chain, and our e-services allow full transparency and proactive quality control, as well as the real-time tracking and tracing that is so valuable for cold chain shipping and the transportation of envirotainers. Best of all, we offer one-stop shopping and global pricing, no matter where your business is located.

Teams dedicated to your industry

Geodis Wilson is strategically located across the world with teams committed and dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. We monitor changes in regulatory EMEA and FDA standards, and our superior account management and strong network can match the needs of even the largest global companies. You will always have a direct line to somebody who knows the pharmaceutical business – and who knows what is going on.

A total pharmaceutical solution tailored to your needs

Good Distribution Practice is at the core of any pharmaceutical logistics solution. We provide the most optimal sea, air or land route throughout your entire supply chain, and we are experts in raw material management as well as pharmaceutical packing, export services and temperature-controlled stock management. Our Cost Analysis Tool can also highlight process improvements, which can lower your overall costs considerably. You will receive a solution tailored to your increasingly regulated industry, from a partner who understands the challenges you face.

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