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IQnovate focuses on every segment of the drug life cycle, from preclinical-clinical, through to RRC, bridging science with business.

Our expertise and capabilities are positioned in designing and executing:

  • Prelaunch medical campaigns of new molecules
  • Optimizing product awareness and building SOV through our MSL teams
  • Regulatory and market access projects
  • Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management protocols
  • Down schedule of prescription pharmaceuticals
  • Generation of data to support new promotional claims
  • Medical communication modules / patient support programs
  • Designing generic defence strategies, biosimilar strategies
  • RRC (registration / reimbursement / commercialization) campaigns
  • Medical affairs services necessary for effective product portfolio management

Our Biotech Capital Advisory is tailored specifically to cater to the Global Institutional Investment Community. Our objective is to establish the Australian Biotech industry as a critical alternative asset option within the alternative asset class. IQnovate’s global successful track record in identifying investment for the biotech & life science research attracts high quality deal origination and deal flow with significant growth potential creating win-win situations for the investors and the companies.

IQnovate, Bridging Science with Business

The corporate vision is not to just survive, but to thrive in these challenging times. We help to transform drug development and commercialization by linking business strategy, scientific expertise and data to deliver unique and impactful bottom line results.

IQnovate occupies a unique space where science is translated into business. A consulting firm can’t offer this kind of strategic insight, a traditional regulatory affairs-market access consultancy or CRO can’t draw upon this level of industry experience.

Our value proposition lies in:

  • Improving operational efficiency and outcomes
  • Optimize pipeline value and ROI
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Hedge risk and reduce infrastructure costs
  • Increase life cycle drug development efficiencies and decrease time to market
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