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S-CLINICA provides expedite IRT support to COVID-19 clinical trials to overcome specific challenges related to these studies.  With our matchless capacity to reduce setup timelines and ability to offer a fully functional system for patient randomization and supplies management the IRT (IWRS) can be deployed within noticeably short timelines. The assisted by the IRT “direct-to-patient” delivery of treatment can facilitate patients’ participation in the clinical trial and contribute to success of the trial.

S-Clinica has a strong commitment to advanced technologies. With the strong scientific and technical expertise gained throughout 23 years of experience, S-CLINICA helps clients to analyse promptly project IRT needs, which helps to reduce further study launch timelines.

The IRT (IWRS) module is 100% flexible and can be promptly adapted to clinical study of any complexity. The average setup timeline ranges usually within 1 to 3 hours. There are no limitations in fine-tuning the IRT module for any type of randomization algorithm for studies with specific functionalities. With its adaptive design, the S-CLINICA’s IRT (IWRS) allows to smoothly manage Cohort and Dose escalation with no amendments required for new cohorts introduction. Mobile friendly, built for the best user experience in mind, it has an advanced module for Open-label studies management, ePRO and eCOA and other unique options.

The real-time reports and alerts allow to stay assured during the entire study cycle.

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