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Greiner Bio-One

Development, Production and Distribution of Plastic Laboratory Equipment

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Liquid Handling

Greiner Bio-One

Including serological pipettes, pipette tips and filter tips.

Serological Pipettes

  • Sterile
  • High optical clarity
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Drop-free pipetting
  • Clear, easily legible graduation
  • A coloured vertical Schellbach stripe makes it considerably easier to read off the volume
  • Pipetting units available on request
  • Increased volume from negative graduations
  • Pipette colour code according to international standards
  • Maximum clarity from high-grade polystyrene
  • Lot number and best-before date on each bag
  • All pipettes are supplied with a synthetic fibrous filter material for protection against the suction of liquid into the pipetting device (exception: the aspiration pipette without fibrous filter material)
  • Short-format pipettes (shorties) permit back-saving, pleasant working

Pipette Tips

Pipette tips are a key component in day-to-day life science research and need to be of a high quality to ensure confidence and consistency in pipetting results. Our tips are manufactured from high-grade polypropylene to give the optimum in performance and fit. Additionally, polypropylene has a high breaking strength, is dimensionally stable, heat-resistant up to approx. +140°C, i.e. is autoclavable, and cold-resistant down to -190°C. All coloured Greiner Bio-One pipette tips are manufactured exclusively with heavy metal free dyes. Pipette tips from Greiner Bio-One are therefore free of heavy metals.

Versions available are:

  • Micro tips (0.5 – 20 μl)
  • 200 μl tips (10 – 300 μl)
  • 1000 μl tips (100 – 1000 μl)
  • Macro tip (5 ml)
  • Gel-load tips
  • Conductive tips
  • Filter tips

Filter Tips

Pipette tips with filter inserts prevent contamination with liquids and aerosols during the pipetting process. In combination with conventional pipettors, Greiner Bio-One filter tips prevent the aspiration of particles into the interior of the pipettor. This minimises the danger of unwanted cross-contamination. The special ultra-micro filter made of hydrophobic polyethylene has a pore size of approx. 10 microns and acts as a reliable barrier against the transfer of aerosols into the shaft of the pipettor.

Greiner Bio-One filter tips:

  • Are recommended for work with DNA and RNA, and when handling radioactive material
  • Are available in the volume ranges 0.5 μl to 1000 μl
  • Can be used with all standard pipettors
  • Are free of detectable DNase / RNase and are sterilised by irradiation
  • Are available in boxes of 96 pieces or 60 pieces in the case of 1000 μl tips
  • Produced and certified according to DIN ISO 8655
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