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Path XL

PathXL® TMA - Microarray Management & Scoring Platform is specifically designed to support TMA scoring workflow and is widely used for collaborative studies both nationally and internationally.

The system allows configuration of experiments in minutes, with access and viewing of clinical metadata, the TMA core, TMA de-arraying, scoring criteria and the TMA map all on a single interface. PathXL® TMA allows users to manually score TMAs quickly and easily, helping to evaluate new tissue biomarkers in TMAs.

Key Features:

  • Designed to configure web-based visual scoring and analysis of TMA biomarkers
  • Upload of core metadata (clinical/pathological data) for association of biomarker scores
  • Configurable scoring interface to record IHC/FISH assessment on each tissue core online
  • Automatic navigation of the TMA to control workflow and manual assessment
  • Centralised collation of TMA scores for subsequent analysis
  • PathXL® TMA scoring toolbox can be purchased on a per project basis

PathXL Biobank

PathXL Biobank is a fully web-enabled workflow and biosample management solution for biobanks, which records sample details, manages patient consent, tracks sample preparation and location and coordinates access requests from researchers with sample distribution. It comes with digital pathology embedded.


  • Meets recognised guidelines for tissue storage, tracking and auditing
  • Fully web-enabled allowing cloud-based biobanking or a variety of onsite deployment options
  • The system is secure, 21CFR11 compliant and allows audit of all data modification actions
  • 1-D and 2-D bar code enabled
  • User configurable collection protocols to meet local needs
  • Sophisticated search engine for sample selection and retrieval
  • Open APIs allow system integration and data exchange with existing systems
  • Embedded digital pathology for storage and remote viewing of tissue histopathology
  • Permanent record of valuable samples and associated data
  • Integrated tissue microarray (TMA) management and scoring interface
  • Application management tool
  • Quick to deploy, simple to use and affordable
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