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Rovi CM / Rovi Alcala

PFS and Vials

Flexibility and versatility are offered to our. We customize our services taking into accounts our client’s needs.

Flexible filling lines

Since 2005 we work with top class filling lines. All of them obtained from the leading machinery supplier in pharmaceutical industry.

Free filling capacity allows us to maintain significant extra capacity to satisfy increasing customer needs.

Terminal sterilization (optional service)

To comply with EP and USP guideline we offer terminal sterilization services as part of the whole manufacturing process requirements, or as a single service.


Labelling machines for syringes and vials are available. All of them use last generation inspection systems. Multiple languages can be used.

Safety devices assembly

In many countries safety legislations are making mandatory the use of integrated protection systems to minimize the risk of accidental needle sticks.

Injectables plant offers the possibility to assemble safety devices on prefilled syringes with a new fully automatic assembly equipment.

High speed packaging lines

We can package all syringes and vials processed in our plant with blistering and boxing machines.

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