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MATOS PLUS RFID Refrigerator Range



The MATOS® PLUS RFID Refrigerators utilise the MATOS® Monitoring Cloud Platform providing real-time inventory conditions, allowing clients to see at all times the products inside each refrigerator, what stock is getting low and/or due to expire – making all the manual stocktakes redundant saving you time and money!

Each refrigerator is linked directly to the comprehensive MATOS® monitoring real-time temperature monitoring platform, ensuring that all critical temperature and product status information is always available.

Benefits of the MATOS® RFID Pharmaceutical Refrigerator:

  • Monitor stock levels 24/7
  • Monitor stock rotation – reducing wastage
  • Be provided with data to assist with forecasting
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Automatic Inventory / Temperature Reporting
  • Reduces Human Interaction with the removal of manual stocktakes and downloading temperature dataloggers
  • Product recalls are easily managed
  • Ensure stock is legitimate and untampered from the point of manufacture
  • Robust audit history with Data Management / Protection (conforms to FDA CFR Chapter 21, pt. 11 regulations
  • Receive Alerts when stock is running low and about to expire
  • Live Dashboard Interface available on any web capable device so is accessible anywhere in the world
  • Along with full 24/7 Temperature monitoring, SMS/Email Alerts and Cold Chain Reporting to ensure your stock is being kept at the required temperature range

With our MATOS® RFID Refrigerators, there is NO SOFTWARE as the entire platform is web-based and backed up using the Azure Cloud platform.

More details can be found here.

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