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Membrane Proteomics

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Membrane Target and Biomarker Research


LOGOPHARM has developed a number of techniques and tools to overcome current limitations in membrane target and biomarker research

Searching for interaction partners or signalling pathways linked to your target?

We offer the CompleXio platform that has been specifically designed for identification of protein-protein interactions in native tissues and cells. It is based on native solubilisation of protein complexes followed by affinity-purification with multiple antibodies and stringent controls (preferably including target knockouts), identification by high-performance mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and quantitative evaluation of results.

Struggling with low-abundant samples, low copy-number proteins or scarce cell types?

Our Microproteomics analysis provides ultimate proteomic sensitivity (low femtomolar range) and efficiency (down to some 100,000 cells). It has been successfully employed to study membrane proteins in systems previously not accessible to functional proteomics, such as dorsal root ganglion cells, the cochlear Organ of Corti or hippocampal slices collected by laser-capture microdissection.

Wondering about the function of “unknown” database hits?

About a third of our genome codes for functionally unassigned proteins, and another third has been annotated based on homology predictions. Unbiased identification of protein partners by our technology can offer a direct access to study function of these proteins in their physiological context and to establish screening assays.

Concerned about antibody cross-reactivities or selection biases?

Even with careful design of epitopes and selection techniques it is impossible to predict the in-vivo binding properties of antibodies towards natively folded proteins. With our proprietary parallel multi-affinity purification (PMAP) platform, we can profile the relative off-target reactivity, isoform selectivity and target binding efficiency of up to 96 antibodies/experiment. This high-content screen delivers valuable information for antibody selection and epitope design.

Fighting with impurities in your biopharmaceutical production process?

Our mass spectrometric quantification methodology allows for sensitive quantification of proteins over a range of at least four orders of magnitude (0.1-1000 fmoles). This makes it especially useful for identification and quantification of protein contaminations in protein purifications, in order to improve the production process and exclude critical contaminations.

Looking for membrane protein screening or biochemical research tools?

As part of our in-house R&D we have developed a number of innovative tools and reagents that might help your discovery project. For example, we offer top-performing ComplexioLyte solubilisation buffers for membrane proteins and protein complexes (in different applications), a number of highly validated research antibodies and specialised membrane or protein preparations.

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