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Mexichem Fluor

Mexichem Fluor takes special and individual care of its customers, from the largest to the smallest, with a service and support package that is 'tailor made' to the requirements of the individual company. Utilising its vast background knowledge of all aspects of medical propellant supply, the world class service and support offered by Mexichem Fluor includes:

A US FDA inspected customer ‘Acceptance Testing’ service, which can independently analyse shipments before they are dispatched. Results are reported in a confidential manner directly to the customer.

Expert storage and transport engineering services meeting the requirements of all regions of the world especially the developing world and the tropics. Mexichem Fluor offers a unique depth of expertise and advice concerning the packages and containers used for the transport of material, the design and installation of bulk storage systems and the conversion of existing CFC storage tanks to HFA duty.

Analytical support for the validation and commissioning of storage facilities

Tanks intended to store medical HFAs need to be commissioned and validated according to some special and precise requirements. Technical information, covering a wide range of topics relating to this is contained within the Customer Zone of this website.

A comprehensive regulatory support package for all countries

Mexichem Fluor maintains a suite of regulatory support documentation for all of the major world markets including US Drug Master Files, their European equivalents and the more specialised requirements for some of the developing world countries.

Mexichem Fluor is always ready to assist in getting an experimental programme underway and can provide additional advice particularly relevant to early R&D work, and a substantial amount of propellant free of charge to any serious R&D programme.

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