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Multi-Column Chromatography

Tosoh Bioscience

Multi-column chromatography (MCC) is a method of downstream processing designed for purifying biological targets. MCC can be run continuously and intensifies the chromatography step by the operating multiple small columns in parallel. This substantially increases process productivity (g of product/L resin/hr), often by as much as 200%.

Tosoh offers two MCC hardware solutions, namely the Octave BIO System and the Octave PRO System. We also provide SkillPakTM pre-packed columns to enable seamless scale-up from development to production; these columns are designed to accommodate the faster flowrates of MCC, making them reliable and economical for biomolecule purification.

The Octave™ BIO is a comprehensive, versatile MCC system designed to intensify your existing biologic purification process. The system’s modular design meets your project requirements and allows you to make use of the resin savings, buffer savings, and other tangible benefits offered by MCC.

The Octave PRO is a GMP-ready MCC system designed for direct scale-up following process development on the Octave BIO, with both systems offering the same method-execution capabilities. The Octave PRO maximises process versatility and can address the most challenging downstream bottlenecks.

Features common to both systems include:

– Up to eight columns
– Six pumps, six inlets and six outlets
– Single use flow path
– Integrated UV sensors, conductivity sensors and pH sensors (four of each)
– Complete data recording and analysis
– ProComposer™ Method Creator and Method Wizard software applications

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