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Clinical and Medical Monitoring


Our clinical and medical monitoring services are run by the most qualified professionals, with competences in clinical trial processes, medical management and much, much more.

Clinical monitoring services

Neox clinical monitoring services are conducted by qualified professionals with vast know-how in clinical trial processes and ICH-GCP guidelines. Our clinical research associates (CRAs) plan, execute and support clinical site management activities, ensuring safety of participants is not compromised and that the data on our clients’ study are of the highest quality and integrity.

Key responsibilities of our CRAs

  • Evaluate, initiate, supervise and close investigative sites
  • Ensure clinical study compliance with ICH-GCP, SOPs and applicable laws
  • Support subject recruitment efforts
  • Respond to site-related queries and escalating issues as necessary
  • Comply strictly to timelines
  • Build and maintain solid professional relationships with investigators and site staff

Core competencies of our CRAs

  • Must pay meticulous attention to detail
  • Organised
  • Ability to prioritise workload
  • Experienced in relationship management
  • Flexible
  • Excellent English in both oral and written communication
  • Work well in team environments

Medical monitoring services

Our medical monitoring team of therapeutic and clinical experts are available to do the following:

  • Provide medical management and expertise
  • Contribute medical expertise to study reports, regulatory documents, and manuscripts
  • Manage medical and safety components of clinical trials
  • Assign feasibilities, design processes, as well as review and edit medical documents
  • Follow specific research-related protocols and lead others in strict adherence to diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines

medical monitoring

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