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Project Management


Our project management services are conducted by qualified professionals with vast know-how in clinical trial management. This includes regulations and guidelines, clinical trial processes, ICH-GCP guidelines, relevant therapeutic indications, as well as time, cost and quality metrics.

Managers at Neox

Our managers have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and are enthusiastic about leading and managing people. What’s more, Neox managers display outstanding planning and mentoring skills, and can work successfully in a matrix environment.

Neox has two types of project managers: Project Managers (PMs) and Line Managers (LMs).

Key responsibilities of PMs

  • Ensure the overall study conduct, from feasibility to archive. PMs must make certain that client expectations are met
  • Act as the single point-of-contact for the client
  • Plan, manage, and execute all study-related activities in accordance to strict timelines
  • PMs must guarantee that quality of deliverables are in accordance with ICH-GCP and the applicable regulations
  • Identify opportunities and best practices that will contribute to overall operational effectiveness, as well as minimise risk
  • Train the study team

Key responsibilities of LMs

  • Supervise, lead, manage and develop the clinical field operations team
  • Ensure the overall quality of the field monitoring function for trials. This includes monitoring visits and site reporting on processes, systems and standards of communications
  • Analyse quality metrics for trends, and devise appropriate action plans in response to findings
  • Employ flexible resourcing strategies to ensure appropriate allocation of CRAs to sites
  • Provide expertise and guidance in startup and subject recruitment strategies
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