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PolySteribox® XL Suitable for Endoscopes

Ritter Medical

In the recent decades polySteribox® has become a well-accepted alternative towards conventional blister packaging. With advantages such as transparent and high-tensile material combined in one system, the use of polySteribox® results in cost savings of up to 50% in one year compared to conventional sterilisation costs.

Save time and money with reusable sterilisation containers

A specifically developed high temperature resistant plastic allows the production of a light and maintenance-free sterilisation container. PolySteribox® is suitable for sterilisation methods recommended by the most relevant authorities (e.g. Robert-Koch-Institut, Germany).

In addition polySteribox® is suitable and approved for mechanical processing. Due to special filters instruments can be kept sterile for up to 6 months. With the intelligent safety lock sealing becomes redundant and sterility during transport and storage is assured. The end user can receive information about content, sterility and finished processes at a glance.

With the new XL-size Ritter Medical now also offers a secure sterilisation container for the gentile sterilisation of sensitive endoscopes and optical devices. Accessories such as individual holders and cap mats make the ideal storage and transportation of instruments possible.

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