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Advanced Nanomedicine for Oncology, Dermatology and Neurology Indications

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Oral Application


Due to its unique and characteristic properties, ADVANCELL’s nanosystems can be used for the oral administration of drugs.

With this technology, the active molecule administered is protected inside nanosystems as they are stable against breakdown by the gastric fluids. In addition, their mucoadhesive properties enhance the time of adhesion to the intestine walls, thus facilitating more effective absorption of the active molecule.

An example that illustrates this is an in-vivo proof-of-concept study in rats that reported positive results with an oral formulation of cyclosporine. In this study, a formulation of the drug with ADVANCELL technology was compared against the commercially available formulation. The pharmacokinetic profiles obtained with both formulations were identical, thus demonstrating that the company’s technology is effective for the oral administration of drugs.

This technology can also be used with the aim of a topical/local treatment of the intestine, as the active molecule is gradually released once the systems arrive at the intestine. This application would be interesting in the case of illnesses such as inflammatory intestinal diseases and colon cancer.

ADVANCELL’s technology is an efficient system for the oral administration of drugs such as peptides or polysaccharides and other biologics. ADVANCELL has several ongoing exploratory projects to verify the potential for oral administration of molecules such as insulin, heparin or small interfering ribonucleic acid (siRNA).

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