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Out-Licensing Technologies for Future Generics


As a result of its internal research projects, Enantia has developed and patent protected a number of innovative technologies to prepare future generics. Due to its expertise, Enantia’s objective is to improve both the synthetic aspects of the manufacturing of APIs and the final solid forms, with the idea to provide objective added value to customers.

In some cases, Enantia’s inventions will allow its customers to get to the market earlier by circumventing existing IP protection of certain final API solid forms. In others, Enantia’s chemical process will allow its customers to manufacture a final generic at lower cost. Some technologies already available for licensing are:

  • Rivaroxaban. A new oral anticoagulant developed by Bayer, it was given the first marketing authorization in 2008 and today is approved for a number of indications in the main markets, including EU and USA. With 2011 sales figures at 141 million USD, the experts forecast it to sell over 3.2 billion USD in 2018. New important indications are now being developed in several markets.
  • Ambrisentan. A new drug indicated for use in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension marketed by Gilead and GSK. Ambrisentan was approved for sale by the FDA in 2007 and approved by the EMEA in 2008. In 2011 over 200 million USD were sold and the forecast is to sell 470 million USD in 2015.
  • Saxagliptin. A new oral hypoglycemic drug developed by BMS and AZ. It was approved by the FDA and the EMEA in 2009. With 2011 sales of 473 million USD worldwide, estimates for 2018 are over 2.3 billion USD.
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