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Package Inserts


Whether package inserts for tablet packaging or a face cream or a small sweepstakes card attached directly to the outside of the product, Euker manufacture everything with most modern printing, folding and punching machines in all possible formats and colours.

Their standard products include special folding formats such as inserts, outserts and wrapserts down to a minimal finished format of 25 x 25 millimeters, equipped with adhesive points or cap labels. Whether as finished goods or still on rolls or sheets for further processing in your company, Euker deliver your printed products made precisely to your specifications.

Product overview package inserts:

  • Package inserts on rolls
  • Package inserts on sheets
  • Inserts
  • Outserts
  • Wrapserts

Technical info:

  • 8 colours
  • Offset printing
  • On rolls, as sheets
  • Different kinds of paper
  • Pre-folded
  • Small-folded
  • With card board cover
  • Closed with 1-2 labels
  • 2-3 combined as a bundle
  • Open sheet format max. 1050 x 750 mm
  • Closed sheet format min. 25 x 25 mm
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