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Leading cGMP Manufacturer of Peptide and Peptidomimetic APIs

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Peptisyntha’s Services


With its year long experience in peptide manufacturing Peptisyntha is able to offer you a seamless portfolio of expertise from lead optimisation to commercial cGMP manufacturing.

While looking forward to new challenging projects our scale-up know-how is especially focused on:

  • Complex peptides and peptidomimetics
  • Short peptides <12 AA without HPLC purification
  • Peptides with multiple disulfide bridges
  • Arginine-rich peptides
  • Conjugations: PEG-conjugation, Lipid-conjugation, Peptide-protein conjugation

With a range of technologies we are able to offer you excellence in cost effective processes. Your project will be realised with a range of technologies developed by our experts – technologies that make the difference:

  • Silylation technology – use of TMA (N-Methyl-trimethylsilylacetamide)
  • TPB (tetraphenyl borate) and the Arginine rich peptides
  • Coupling UNCAs (Unrethan-N-Carboxy-Anhydrides) with free amino acid powder!
  • Phoc-AA (Phenyl-oxy-carbonyl) in peptide synthesis, NCA in situ generation
  • Peptide-resin transesterification instead of acidic cleavage
  • Peptide isolation and purification
  • Synthesis of long peptides (Up to 120AA with HPLC purity of up to 95%, Synthesis and use of pseudoprolines and Guanylation technology)

Besides offering the whole set of scale-up services we also provide services custom-made to your individual project, including:

  • Custom synthesis
  • Custom purification
  • Custom lyophilisation

Finally, all our activities are accompanied by full in-house analytical capabilities and an effective project management which leads you through the highly regulated development and production process – for ‘Your Chemistry For Life.’

Feel free to contact us!

Rue de Ransbeek 310
B-1120 Brussels
Tel: +32 2264 2245


20910 Higgins Court
Torrance, California 9050
Tel: +1 310 782 7524

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