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Pharmaceutical Development Services

Pharmaceutical, Regulatory and Medical Device Consultancy

PharmaTraining Services

Pharmaceutical Development Services

Providing expert specialist training in key development areas.

PharmaTraining Services provides a unique suite of friendly, but highly targeted easy-to-learn courses for busy pharma and biotech professionals. Delivered by industry experts, the courses are designed to ensure attendees are aware of all the latest developments in their industry helping to position themselves ahead of the game. The courses are not only highly relevant but are rarely covered by other training providers.

Helping you to avoid delays in product launches and registrations, these courses are timely and equip you with everything you need to place you in the best position to take your developments forward. Courses cover preformulation studies, tablet formulation development, project team skills and the application of experimental design in product and analytical method development.

Typical courses available include:

GMP and compliance training

  • GMP auditor training
  • GMP in primary (API) manufacturing
  • GMP in secondary (product) manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical documentation – a practical approach
  • How to audit API manufacturers

Pharma product development

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients – development, supply and commercial manufacture
  • Integrated tablet formulation development
  • Tablet process development and validation
  • Hands-on tabletting
  • Stability testing in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing
  • Analytical method development and validation

Pharmaceutical manufacturing support

  • Supply chain management – pharma/biotech
  • Technology transfer for pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical R&D support

  • ‘Molecules to market’ – navigating the development maze
  • Team building and decision-making
  • Managing pharmaceutical development projects

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