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Physical Testing


Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron, a member of the SOTAX Group, provides solutions to test the physical properties of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms. With a proven track record of more than 20,000 testers in the market, Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron branded tablet hardness testers and disintegration testers are known for their reliability, precision and ease of operation.

tablet hardness testers

Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron products measure the following parameters:

  • Hardness: tablet hardness testers and automated tablet testing systems for laboratories and in-process control (IPC)
  • Disintegration: tablet disintegration testers with manual and automatic end-point detection; bath-less system available
  • Friability: single and dual drum friability tester with balance interface; automatic calculation of percent friability
  • Tap density: tap density tester for EP, ASTM, USP 1 and USP 2 tests; calculation of Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio
  • Flowability: flowability tester for blends, powders and granulates simulating processing conditions
  • Content uniformity / NIR (PAT): non-destructive content uniformity with online tablet characterization PAT using near-infrared (NIR)
  • Cap torque: motorized or manual measuring of opening / closing torque; ideal for child-resistant bottle caps

tablet tester

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