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Norwich Clinical Research Associates

Clinical Monitoring, Auditing, and Data Management Services

Product Development

Norwich Clinical Research Associates

The central range of SOLVOTEC is the design and development of new products or their components.

We have experience in development and product support articles and in particular from the sectors medical engineering, precision mechanics and optics, and consumer goods. We see ourselves as an “extended workbench” of our clients.

We prepare feasibility studies, installation concepts and FMEA and design as well as tolerate the parts for the respective manufacturing processes for manufacture. The construction and development of complex and high-quality plastic parts still has an essential part. The construction of optical components for the manufacture by injection molding is familiar to us. We are able, based on your optical tolerance statement in the concept phase implement appropriate solutions to find a given application.

The correct use of virtual technologies has become a competitive factor, meaning planning mistakes can be avoided. The change effort increases enormously, the later a problem is detected. Therefore we evaluate and optimise designs early, on the basis of simulations.

Project examples

  • Diagnostic Equipment for patients, doctors’ offices and laboratories
  • Endoscopic instruments
  • Assemblies for dialysis machines
  • Large cases and covers PUR or TSG process for medical diagnostic systems
  • Polymer optical modules for metrology and lighting
  • Housing for automotive distance control
  • UV-Lighting wafer inspection
  • Water dispenser
  • Injection case and function modules
  • Plastic deep drawing
  • Up solutions for high-quality flat-screen TVs
  • Office chairs
  • Equipment such as measuring stations, test equipment, assembly fixtures
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