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Products Made of PFA


The easy-to-clean surfaces without any memory effects complement the valuable attributes of PFA laboratory equipment for sampling, preparation and analysis in the field of elemental trace analysis.

The most important PFA characteristics:

  • High thermal stability from -200 °C to +250 °C
  • Chemical inertness against almost all chemicals
  • Extremely hydrophobic and antiadhesive
  • Good clarity and form stability, suitable for volume measurement devices
  • Long maintenance of reference material with low concentrations in PFA containers
  • Extremely smooth surfaces – easy to clean (see graphic)
  • No memory effects
  • High purity of the basic material
  • Very suitable for use within elemental trace analysis

We offer volumetric flasks, griffin beakers, wash-bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, wide-mouth bottles, gas-wash bottles, sample containers, sample vials, evaporating dishes and round-bottom flasks made of PFA plastic.

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