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Polyolefins for Healthcare Applications

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Features of the Purell Concept


The Purell family of industry-defining innovations is based on LyondellBasell's pioneering resin and manufacturing technology developments.

The Purell polyolefins range includes low and high density polyethylene as well as polypropylene products tailored to the application areas and conversion technologies relevant to the healthcare industry.

The following is an overview of the main features of LyondellBasell’s Purell concept.


  • Long-term consistency of formulation
  • Single sourcing to maximise product consistency
  • Back-up plant concept
  • Proactive, near miss system
  • Dedicated line and silo cleaning protocols
  • Bio-burden surveillance


  • Dedicated cleaning procedures for trucks, railcars and containers
  • Customer-specific delivery and storage concepts
  • Pest control


  • Tailored selection of polyethylene and polypropylene grades used in healthcare applications
  • Compliance with Ph. Eur., USP, ISO10993 and other regulations
  • DMF registration for all products
  • Prior notice if product changes occur
  • Plant audits possible
  • Long-term sample retention and documentation storage


  • Effective risk management tools
  • Global asset base
  • Global business management team
  • Local sales and technical service teams in all regions of the world
  • Security stocks
  • Access to innovative products

For further information please visit our Purell polymers website.

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