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Report Data

Axiom Real Time Metrics

Axiom's Reporting Portal provides the tools to have a full awareness of your clinical research project.

Intuitive clinical research solutions would not be complete without real-time project and clinical data reporting tools. Role-driven reporting tools provide project management, clinical data and dynamic user controlled report building tools.

Project management data

Real time project management reports provide total awareness of the clinical research project. Select from over 25 real-time standard project management reports or have Axiom implement client specific reports to drive your projects. Access reports 24/7 via Axiom’s Reporting Portal.

Sample list of Axiom’s project management tools

  • Subject enrolment report
  • Advers event list / serious adverse event list
  • Projected subject visits report
  • Query overview report
  • Query status details report
  • Weekly progress report
  • eCRF status report
  • Monitor progress report
  • Notes list
  • Discontinuation summary report
  • Con med list
  • Investigator tutorial completion
  • Randomisation status report
  • Subject enrolment status
  • Payment tracking
  • User roles
  • Lab listings
  • User registration report

Clinical data

Axiom rapidly implements clinical reports that allow you to quickly and effectively work with your clinical data. Safety committee review reports, interim analysis or clinical data modelling are just the start of Axiom’s Reporting Portal capabilities.

Real-time clinical data reports allow you to accelerate the clinical review and trial process. Integrated cohort and clinical data reports integrated into Axiom’s Reporting Portal means quicker decisions, better awareness of the clinical data and a much more efficient trial experience.

Report builder

Intuitive clinical research solutions would not be complete without real-time project and clinical data reporting tools. Use Axiom’s dynamic Report Builder to quickly access all of your study’s data to build your own reports. Choose from tables, listings, or graphs. Sort data. All with Axiom’s drag and drop toolsets.

Export report data

Export any report: Export any report from Axiom’s reporting portal simply selecting the report and choosing export. Choose from common formats, including Excel and PDF files.

Exporting clinical data: Of course you can export your clinical data in all of the preferred formats: SAS Transportable, Access, text, amongst other formats.

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