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Fuld & Company

Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming

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Research & Analysis

Fuld & Company

At the heart of Fuld & Company's competitive intelligence research is the rigor of its methodology.

Using secondary research as a launching pad, we add unique value through intensive primary research. We creatively identify and interview a variety of industry participants – including direct competitors – to provide a well-rounded, corroborated view of the salient competitive issues. We use ethical means to gather hard-to-find information on markets and competitors. Our vertical industry specialists then analyse the findings, add insights, demonstrate clear implications to the client, and work with decision makers to develop action plans and strategies.   Research and analysis

In a fast-moving competitive environment, stale information produces stale ideas. The information Fuld provides is timely and relevant, enabling you to stay a step ahead of the competition, drive growth, and boost profits.

Services offered:

  • Benchmarking/cost studies
  • Strategic analysis
  • Acquisition studies
  • New product introductions
  • Win-loss analysis
  • Bid support
  • Make or buy decisions
  • Market entry studies
  • Pricing studies
  • Market monitoring

Advantages of using Fuld’s Research & Analysis Services

  • Unbiased examination of the competitive environment
  • World-class primary and secondary research skills
  • Proprietary database of sources
  • Experienced industry teams bring the requisite knowledge to both gather better information and to develop more insightful conclusions and recommendations.
  • Solid analysis built on credible, real-world data for critical decision support
  • Unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards
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