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Respiratory Devices


Respiratory devices include: MasterScope® CT, FlowScreen® CT, AM3 ®, AM1+ ®, SpiroPro® CT and Clean Peak Flow Meter®.

MasterscopeMasterScope® CT

One platform. Multiple applications.

MasterScope is a comprehensive platform for Spirometry, ECG, and home monitoring, especially designed for standardized and centralized clinical trials. A highly intuitive user interface, customized protocol workflows, and many smart features such as biometric user identification make the MasterScope the first choice for respiratory clinical trial sites around the world. MasterScope provides automated, secure data transmissions for global data collection and analysis, including review of protocol compliance, test acceptability and overall quality monitoring.

FlowScreen® CT

FlowscreenInnovative spirometry technology, designed for clinical trials.

The FlowScreen CT is a portable desktop spirometry system for the measurement, recording, and assessment of the flow-volume loop, volume-time curve, and related parameters. Optimized for use in respiratory clinical trials, this easy-to-use system can be easily customized for your specific protocol. A high-resolution color display, self-explanatory icons, and logical menu structure streamlines site workflow ensuring protocol compliance. The online evaluation and assessment of the spirometry data based on the latest ATS/ERS 2005 guidelines for spirometry can also be viewed on the device.

AM3 ®

One device. Dual functions.

AM3Based on the proven Jaeger Asthma Monitor®, the AM3 was specially designed for clinical research and the first integrated home spirometer and eDiary that has EXACT-PRO Initiative certification. This easy-to-use device measures and saves all relevant expiratory flow-volume parameters, such as PEF and FEV1, and it records symptoms, events and medication, including severity and dose — a complete electronic diary for home monitoring.

AM1+ ®

AM1+ is a completely portable, remote patient-monitoring home spirometer.

AM1+The AM1+ is a portable, remote patient-monitoring home spirometer designed to improve healthcare for patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, including asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD. The AM1+ measures and transmits respiratory data for home telehealthcare projects and remote patient monitoring trials. The handheld spirometer measures all expiratory flow parameters such as PEF, FEV1 and FEF. In addition, the AM1+ captures patient-reported symptoms, events and medications, including severity of symptoms so that patients are able to better assess and control their current conditions. All data is recorded and stored in the device’s non-volatile, internal memory.

SpiroPro® CT

The complete handheld spirometer and six-minute walk test for clinical trials. SpiroPro

SpiroPro CT is a highly precise handheld spirometer and pulse oximeter that allows convenient measurement of a patient’s flow-volume loop, inspiratory and expiratory lung volumes, SpO2 and heart rate. This easy to use device helps conduct six minute walk tests (6MWT) with SpO2, heart rate, and pre and post spirometry measurements. SpiroPro CT’s integrated database allows you to store up to 550 tests in the device’s non-volatile memory.

Clean Peak Flow Meter®

Customizable Peak Flow Meter for Patients.

Clean Peak Flow MeterThe Clean Peak Flow Meter was designed specifically as a patient self-assessment tool to measure Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF). The meter assists patients in the education, management, and treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD. The device allows patients to test their peak flow measurements so they can record, track, and monitor their condition on a regular basis. Used daily, the Clean Peak Flow Meter can help determine how effectively medication is working, as well as provide early warnings of an oncoming asthma attack.

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