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Exco InTouch

Mobile Internet Solutions for Patient Communication

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Exco InTouch

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For the majority of patients participating in a clinical trial it is never their intention to be wilfully non-compliant – life just gets in the way!

The statistics are concerning. Patient non-compliance can run as high as 80% and over 40% of patients are typically lost to follow up in a clinical trial. Failing to retain these patients has an enormous impact on cost, timelines and data quality.

The Exco InTouchSOLUTION

The Exco InTouch system automatically schedules and delivers text messages directly to patients and / or caregivers.

Text messages are specifically designed to engage patients and encourage them to comply with the requirements of their trial. Message content is tailored to therapy area, trial design and the type of patient communication, examples include:

• Appointment reminders

• Medication adherence reminders

• Long term follow up communication

• Motivational messaging to improving therapy compliance, health and wellness

• Condition management and alerts

• Improved management of complex drug regimens

• Direct data capture from patients

• Study conduct reminders for fasting procedures, diary alerts and drug accountability


• Simple cost effective measure to engage patients and improve retention and compliance

• Site staff benefit from pre-populated visit schedules and automated patient communication

• Helps patients to manage their disease and improve health

• Significantly reduces the cost of non-compliance, early withdrawal and lost to follow up

• Reduces the cost and burden of patient communication and long term follow up

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