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Rhenovia Pharma

Predictive CNS Drug Discovery & Development by Biosimulation

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Rheddos System™: Drug Discovery Optimisation Service

Rhenovia Pharma

The service that Rhenovia proposes to pharma and biotech companies is an interactive partnership to evaluate their drug discovery process by analysing drug's effects on integrated biological systems and by searching synergistic drug / mechanism combinations.

Thus, Rhenovia proposes to:

  • Use proprietary modeling and simulation technology platforms
  • Examine with pharma/biotech partners at which phase of their specific drug discovery process, Rhenovia’s approach can provide increased value
  • Define strategies to facilitate selection, choices and predictions

The service of Rhenovia can be applied at any phase of the drug discovery value chain.

Optimise compounds on the market

  • Increase efficacy by finding optimal synergistic combinations
  • Reduce risks of side effects by reducing effective doses
  • Prolong patent life by identifying non-obvious combinations

Enhance drug candidates in clinical development: improve the success rate

  • Boost drug efficacy by synergistic combination
  • Minimise side effects by combination with an antidote
  • Anticipate potential risks
  • Eliminate potential failures
  • Create differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Rescue or revive candidates abandoned for insufficient efficacy
  • Predict unfavorable drug – drug interactions

Maximise discovery process: Reduce uncertainties due to try-and-fail approach

  • Choose most suitable pathology pathways and mechanisms
  • Select optimal molecular targets
  • Predict the most adequate battery of profiling tests
  • Eliminate dead-end tracks
  • Diminish number of animal experiments

Uncover discrete mechanisms of drug actions

The simulation platform allows analysis of the effects of compounds on the cascade of mechanisms involved in particular NS functions. Sensitivity analysis determines the impact of each of the hundreds of parameters integrated in the model on various functional read-outs. As an example: alpha7-nicotinic cholinergic receptors are located both pre- and post-synaptically on various hippocampal neurons. The simulation can help to understand the effects of agonists or antagonists on various outcomes of the system.

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