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Sample Collection

Sonic Clinical Trials

Each investigational site is provided with protocol, visit and site specific collection kits. Study specific request forms accompany each kit including laminated collection instructions and laboratory manuals. Study materials can be supplied in more than forty languages including Asian languages. Kits may be automatically resupplied throughout the study via our database.

SCT has designed collection kits that are easy to use. All visit components and supplies are assembled in the kit, including the study, visit and site-specific request forms, ensuring only the required testing is ordered and only the required demographics are captured. Our collection kits have an expiry date that corresponds to the component with the shortest expiry. Additional bulk supplies are provided to each site to replace any expired components. Our coloured laboratory collection manual and laminated collection instructions are also study-specific and contain all the information required throughout a study, including resupply requests.

If required, through our affiliation with the Sonic Healthcare network of diagnostic pathology practices in Australia and New Zealand, Sonic Clinical Trials is uniquely able to offer local phlebotomy and sample preparation services to investigator sites that are unable to perform blood draws. Sonic Clinical Trials has access to more than 900 collection centres within the Sonic Healthcare network.

For more information please see our website, or contact us.

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