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Sonic Clinical Trials

Dedicated Central Laboratory

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Sample Management and Logistics

Sonic Clinical Trials

Sonic Clinical Trials understands the importance of sample management, archiving, storage and shipping of samples for their clients. Our sophisticated and powerful sample management system ensures complete chain-of-custody of the sample, from the time of sample receipt, storage and shipment to referral laboratories at any global location chosen by the sponsor.

The dedicated laboratory has been installed with secure storage facilities with continuous alarm and temperature monitoring, including constant generator backup in the event of power disruption. We have the ability to store samples both for short and long term storage at ambient, refrigerated and frozen (-20,-70,-80 degrees Celsius) temperatures.

Sonic Clinical Trials uses only courier partners with expert knowledge in biological sample transportation and handling. We also understand that we must get it right the first time. Our logistics experts carefully plan and liaise with the client and our courier partners, to identify which courier provides cost-effective service, using the most efficient route in each region. The selected courier provides our investigational sites with pre-printed shipping documents, packaging instructions, shippers and dry ice. Logistics co-ordination allows the sample collection kits to be shipped to the central laboratory in a homogenous way. Missing tests can be identified faster and more easily, enabling earlier identification of missing data points, whilst providing the ability to remedy these errors prior to final data analysis.

A unique tracking barcode number is assigned to all specimens. Our system has the ability to comprehensively track the current storage location and movement history of a sample, including referral laboratory details, airway bill numbers, carrier details and shipping frequency (as defined by the client ). We have the ability to customise all packing lists and capture only the necessary demographics required for the receiving laboratory.

Sonic Clinical Trials has handled thousands of shipments (both medical supplies and biological samples) around the globe, with a strong track record of servicing Asia-Pacific. Our sample management and logistics employees are IATA certified, maintaining the most current information on all shipping (both import and export) regulations. Also, if requested, Sonic Clinical Trials, in collaboration with our courier partners, can offer IATA Dangerous Goods training for the shipping of biological samples and dry ice.

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