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Russell Finex

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Self Cleaning In-Line Filters

Russell Finex

The Russell Finex range of in-line liquid filters has been designed for both industrial and sanitary applications, improving product quality by removing oversize contamination from 10 micron or above.

Self Cleaning In-line Filters

This range of self cleaning filters is designed to achieve high flow rates with minimal operator control and maintenance. The reusable filter element eliminates cost and environmental implications associated with bags and cartridges. This makes the Self Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® the ideal solution when processing your pharmaceutical liquids.

Totally enclosed filtration eliminates the risk of contamination entering your product and safeguards the health and safety of your operators. Consistently high flow rates can be achieved by the continuous self cleaning of the apertures of the filter element.

Russell Hygiene Filter™

The Russell Hygiene Filter™ has been specifically designed for sanitary applications where product quality cannot be compromised. With its crevice free design, superior cleaning between batches eliminates bug traps and any risk of contamination. All product contact parts are crevice free and polished to less than 0.6Ra as standard (0.1Ra is available).


Filter Management System™

This system provides automatic filtration of your liquids through continuous monitoring and controlling. It dramatically reduces good product loss, and reduces labour costs as no manual supervision is required. The system also completely automates the liquid filtration process, therefore eliminating operator contact with potentially hazardous products.

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