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Neox has all the necessary experience and resources to draft, execute and enforce a top quality contractual document relating to clinical trials.

In-house and external specialised lawyers

We have both, in-house and external specialised lawyers, at hand to assist you with your contracts. The responsibilities of our lawyers include:

  • Drafting, evaluating, commenting and/or amending clinical trial agreements with sites, investigators, pharmacies, health institutions and other persons involved in clinical trials
  • Making sure the contractual documentation is compliant with the legal framework of clinical trials
  • Certifying compliance of contractual documentation with contract law regulation
  • Implementing the contractual documentation to the international environment (e.g. to the requirements resulting from international private law and law of international commercial transactions)

Neox is proud to supply tailored contracts based on its unique experience in a very specific area of law. Whilst the experience of our lawyers includes the classical legal and trial (litigation) skills, their focus is on the main comparative advantage and extensive understanding of the specifics required for clinical research.

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