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SICPA's Product and Brand Protection Business Unit provides tailored solutions and services to industry with the aim of ensuring product and supply chain integrity.

Core elements of our offering include:

Product and Packaging protection– Combining a wide spectrum of authentication, identification and tamper-evidence features

Identification, Aggregation and Traceability Solutions

We have devised a detailed project plan and roll-out methodology that drives projects to completion in a responsive, cost-efficient and timely manner.

Our proposed methodology comprises several steps with clear deliverables:

  • Identification of solutions
  • Concepts
  • Prototyping or piloting
  • Deployment and maintenance

SICPA is ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certified. For project features, our methodology, based on GAMP5 guidelines, guarantees full traceability between various project baselines, including requirements, specifications, risk analysis, development, and testing.

Product and Packaging Protection – Anti-Counterfeiting

SICPA offers multi-level product and packaging protection solutions by combining a wide spectrum of authentication (human judgement, machine-readable), identification and tamper-evidence features.

Our extensive and continuous R&D and innovation efforts in this domain have led to a comprehensive solution portfolio and have resulted in many successful applications in various industry sectors, helping our customers to protect their products from:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Tampering
  • Packaging reuse and refilling
  • Adulteration, contamination
  • Dilution
  • Product substitution
  • Diversion

By working together with our customers in the course of an assessment phase, we first draft a list of user requirement specifications, which represent the starting point to the solutions we propose, design, develop and implement.

Product Authentication

Our portfolio of product authentication solutions is composed of product analyses and biometry-based solutions, as well as in-product tagging and on-product marking. This portfolio has been specifically developed to fulfil varying application needs while taking into account product or industry specific constraints (e.g. FDA compliant markers, non-invasive and non-destructive techniques).

"In-product tagging" refers to the addition of a specific marker or taggant in a product. The product containing the marker can then be authenticated using specific in-line or hand-held detecting equipment also developed and engineered by SICPA.

"On-product marking" refers to the creation of a distinctive mark at the surface of a product. The mark may involve the addition of a marker, or a controlled or random modification of the material surface. If a marker is applied to the product, it can then be detected using appropriate equipment.

"Product analysis" and "biometry" refer to the use and analysis of specific physico-chemical attributes of products and packaging, which create unique fingerprints. Depending on the product involved, those attributes can be of a very different nature such as chemical, optic or acoustic. SICPA continuously develops methods and technologies to exploit these attributes in the most effective manner.

Packaging Authentication

Authentication and protection of packaging can be performed in many different ways, directly on the packaging material or through the use of security labels. Both methods can be used to complement each other. We offer a range of solutions and features to address primary, secondary and tertiary packaging protection.

Such features can be incorporated in the packaging material, in the packaging artwork or in labels. They can be chemical or graphical in nature and be detected using dedicated inspection equipment or smart phones. As a recognised leader and expert in the security domain, particularly in material-based fields, SICPA offers a range of solutions and features, visible or invisible, covering all security levels.

In a multi-level approach, features can be combined to provide a global solution aimed at different stakeholders throughout the supply chain. Additionally, SICPA has developed patented methods to store hidden information on products and packages. Security information is hidden in the packaging design during the prepress by computational operation; no other step or change is required. An application installed on a smart phone is used for product authentication. A first yes/no authentication is possible through data detection and decryption.

A second level allows hidden information to be retrieved. On-line authentication checks are possible through mobile network connections to a secure authentication server.


SICPA offers a range of anti-tampering solutions in the form of tamper-evident seals and shrink sleeves, which are customised to client’s needs and which incorporate various security features for authentication. Our services in this field encompass the design, development, production and secure supply of ready-to apply seals and sleeves.

Our tamper-evident features protect your products and packaging against:

  • Reuse and/or refilling
  • Product contamination and/or adulteration
  • Product dilution
  • Product substitution

Field inspection & Audit tools

sicpaAs part of our machine-readable authentication solutions, we provide a range of detecting means used to confirm the presence or absence of expected security features. They go from simple authentication devices to more sophisticated hand-held readers with embarked time-stamping, geo-positioning and data transmission functionalities. Hence, our detecting equipment can not only provide an instant yes/no answer, but can also be used to collect data in the course of infield inspections and audits.

A dedicated inspection platform is provided to extract actionable intelligence from this data.
The inspection platform can analyse authentication data but also traceability data arising from the reading of serialised and aggregated codes placed on items, boxes, cases and pallets.

SICPA also offers applications for smart phones authentication. Furthermore, some of our smart phone applications are specifically devised to foster Consumers – Brand Owners’ interactions and can be associated to a dedicated or existing website.

Identification, Aggregation and Traceability

SICPA is a leading provider of product identification and track and trace solutions with implementations on more than 500 production sites on 5 continents. We have experience in complex projects involving the secure and efficient management and storage of large data sets.

The central element of the serialisation and traceability solutions is a software platform, which has been built using a service oriented architecture and which is composed of business oriented packages in the form of ready assembled and interoperable modules.
From design to implementation, through maintenance and services, SICPA acts as the sole integrator of solutions and systems.

To date, our product identification, aggregation and traceability solutions have been developed and implemented in a number of industry sectors to help address the following issues:

  • Consumer and patient safety
  • Counterfeiting
  • Diversion
  • Smuggling
  • Product origin
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Production monitoring
  • Product availability
  • Date management / shelf-life management
  • Recall management
  • Operational efficiency
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