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Since its foundation in 1973, SOTAX has built an excellent reputation as a specialist in the manufacture of innovative, sophisticated and long-lasting instruments and systems for pharmaceutical testing, establishing the company as the leader in this technological field. To support this, SOTAX is certified for ISO 9001. For decades, customers have trusted our high-quality services and instrumentation.

As a leading instrumentation brand and customer-oriented equipment supplier, SOTAX also needs a perfect service and therefore offers a comprehensive portfolio:

  • Technical and compliance services
  • Rental and leasing services
  • R&D analytical services
  • Training and support services

In service, few things are as important as the experience of your team, and over the years, real people providing real service have helped to make us what we are today. With a commitment to maintaining a strong team of service experts, we ensure our high service standards and can provide solutions tailored to your laboratory requirements. Our services are available worldwide, whenever and wherever you need us.

Technical and compliance services

Technical services: our technical service solutions keep your instrument performance high throughout the lifecycle:

  • Installation and qualification
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Updates, upgrades and customization

Compliance services: our multivendor compliance services can simplify managing your instrument qualification by providing a single source for service to cover all equipment brands:

  • cGMP compliant qualification
  • Operational and performance qualification
  • Mechanical qualification
  • USP Performance Verification Test (PVT)
  • Customer-specific qualification

Service contracts: our service contracts provide worry-free service and compliance coverage with cost assurance – no surprises, no additional expense.

  • Protect your capital equipment investment
  • Regular maintenance extends equipment life
  • Receive priority service response
  • Long-term planning of routine service to minimize instrument downtime
  • Cost assurance for the complete contract period (up to five years)

Rental and leasing services

Leasing services*: we can provide you with the instrument solution you are looking for with financial aspects tailored to your needs:

  • Manual, semi- and fully automated systems
  • Flexible payment solutions
  • Leasing period six to 36 months

Relocation services: SOTAX relocation services can pack, ship, re-install and qualify your instruments efficiently – with minimized downtime:

  • Final qualification before dismantling
  • Packing and transportation to a new location (be it across the lab or around the world)
  • Full installation and qualification
  • Staff training

Rental services*: our rental services provide fully qualified equipment, at short-notice and ready to use.

  • Manual, semi- and fully automated systems*
  • Installation and qualification on site
  • Full service coverage during the rental period
  • Flexible rental periods

(*subject to instrument availability)

Training and support services

To get the most out of your instrument to maximize return on investment, our training services ensure your staff can use the equipment with confidence and efficiency.

  • Standardized and customized technical training
  • Application support for method development
  • First-line responder training to allow staff to address small issues

R&D analytical services

If you are working on a new product and need data to support a new instrument acquisition, or if you are looking for feasibility studies to establish the ROI for automation but face a lack of capacity or resources, our team of experienced specialists can help save you time and provide extra short-term capacity.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Method development / transfer
  • Consulting, training, education, and application support
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