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STYLCAM 200R High Speed Rotary Press Simulator


The STYLCAM research and development (R&D) press can handle pre-clinical batches of up to 25kg.

Clinical batches will be manufactured as if they were made on an industrial rotary tablet press at a typical production speed of 300 000 tablets/hour. Usage and test of your standard tooling.

R&D scale-up press

STYLCAM 200R guarantees to reliably replicate the compression behaviour of rotary production tablet presses currently available on the market.

The machine combines a modifiable mechanical cam and a programmable electronic cam, driven by a powerful drive. A virtually infinite compression profile can be performed at the same production speed as the manufacturing presses.

The STYLCAM represents also a valuable tool for production support, small good manufacturing practice (GMP) batches and R&D. It can be upgraded to WIP and high-containment solutions.

Working principle

Both punches move to compress and create tablet prototypes just as they do on a high-speed production press.

Trouble-shooting and production support are available, including testing of new tooling or the modification of press parameters to solve sticking or capping issues, all that with minimal powder consumption.

Data acquisition and control system

The STYLCAM 200R is fully instrumented, with upper and lower force and displacement, pre-compression and main compression, and ejection force are all measured as standard. Take-off and instrumented die are available as an option.

The extensive and easy-to-use data acquisition and control package ANALIS is equipped with all standard reporting (Heckel, pressure/tensile strength and energy) and allows as well custom-made reporting creation. Data can easily be exported to other systems for further analysis.

ANALIS uses industry standard Solutions and runs on most classic single punch presses.

Versatility and ease-of-use

This easy-to-use system allows experiments to be performed with precise results in an amazingly short time.

The moving parts are easily dismantled and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The STYLCAM can work with a paddle feeder with as little as 50g of powder, or with manual feeding with 200mg. Clinical batch production can be performed at an output of up to 3,000 tablets/hour, with good and bad tablet selection. Weight adjustment is available on request.

Containment and WIP upgradable

For the most demanding laboratories where operator exposure is critical you can order a STYLCAM with a contained glovebox or just a Wet-In-Place version in the same footprint. You can also decide to take that option later with a factory upgradable solution

STYLCAM at one glance:

  • Single-layer tablet production with maximum output of 3,000 tablets/hour
  • Pressurised compression area
  • Including four compression profiles of your choice and other profiles optional
  • Vacuum for powder suction around the punches, dies and exit chute
  • Oil-less lubrication of punches
  • Good and bad tablet selection and weight adjustment (optional)
  • Easy disassembling and cleaning of parts
  • Oversized tablets and 100 kN (optional)
  • WIP and high-containment configuration (optional)
  • Die wall pressure measurement (optional)
  • Standard Euro B,D,BB or TSM tooling or specific design of tooling
  • Door size

Unique benefits

A rotary press simulator that does not impact at all your production schedule and gives you comprehensive information about the behaviour of your powder under production conditions.

A detailed compaction analysis with a minimal quantity of powder (one tablet).

A flexible machine with a small footprint, easy to clean, easy-to-operate with a perfect standard of hygiene for your clinical batches.

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