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Targeted Libraries

Life Chemicals Inc.

Targeted Libraries are pre-selected subsets of Life Chemicals stock available compounds with potential activity towards certain biological targets. To design the Targeted Libraries both receptor-based and ligand-based approaches were used along with various advanced chemoinformatic techniques such as similarity and substructure searches and virtual docking.

Life Chemicals offers following Targeted Libraries:

  • Enzymes Targeted Libraries: Kinases, Proteases, Polymerase, ATPase, Phosphatase, CYP inhibitors
  • Sharp Focused Kinases Libraries: FGFR1K, PDK-1, PKA, PI3K, JAK, ROCK, ERK5
  • Transporters Targeted Libraries: Ion Channels, Aquaporins
  • GPCRs Targeted library
  • Protein-protein Interactions Inhibitors
  • Epigenetics Targeted Libraries
  • Nuclear Receptors Targeted Library
  • Activity Targeted Libraries: Antibacterial, Antiprotozoa, Antituberculosis, Antiviral, Anticancer, CNS
  • Agro-like Library: Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Microbiocides
  • Natural Product-like Compounds Library
  • Covalent Inhibitors Library
  • Biologically Active Compounds
  • CUTE Targeted Libraries: Nuclear Receptors, aminergic GPCRs, peptidergic GPCRs, "other" GPCRs, Serine Proteases and Kinases
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