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The 113-Page Faubel-Compact® Label


The patented Faubel-Compact® Label is a self-adhesive label and package insert in one. For large-scale clinical trials, we frequently have to accommodate up to 40 different languages into our labels.

Compared to standard labels, Faubel-Compact® Label offers a lot more space to information of various kinds exactly where you need it, which is directly on your product. With its different combinations and options, the Faubel Booklet Labels can fulfill our customers’ most specific requirements. For our Compact Label the shape of the container is irrelevant. Faubel Booklet Labels fit all shapes: round, square and unusual ones.

Faubel 113-page labelOne type of packaging for all markets: late stage customisation is the optimum packaging and logistics solution. The Faubel Compact Label is applied on the outer packaging according to individual market demands. Multilingual labels give manufacturers more leeway in terms of logistics and distribution.

To allow the blind to identify the contents of a package, Faubel directly embosses the covering label with Braille dots. Beside standardised proof-reading of Braille texts, Faubel provides translation, contents verification as well as readability tests on request.

Options available for all Faubel products:

  • Braille coding (screen printing)
  • Security features (wide selection of technologies)
  • Blinding / cover methods
  • Application of speciality varnishes and fast colours
  • Thermo-sensitive colours
  • Tamper-evident systems
  • Labels for cold and deep freeze storage
  • Non-stick, peel-off labels
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