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The Integrated Containment Systems Product Line

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We have a lot of different applications. They drive the product. Like, for example, aseptic. Aseptic products are products that are injected into your body. We make Lyo Carts for that. We make isolators for that. We make sterile test equipment for that, but it's specific to the aseptic. Aseptic is different because I'm protecting the product from the worker. The worker being you and me.

For example, we have particles that could fall off of our faces. That could get into that product. That could be injected in somebody else’s body. As a result, that’s the reason why when you go to see a doctor he gives you a shot, he tells you to sit down for 10 minutes. The reason he’s telling you that is to see if you have a reaction.

Then on the other side we have the containment side which will be the powder bulk side where we’re actually containing a product. We have a whole total different requirement on that side. We also do some BL work, which is biological safety cabinet work which is a combination of isolator and containment. That’s where both of them come into the equation. Now you got one that meets in the middle.

Another product we manufacture, again, for the pharmaceutical industry, would be a downflow booth. That could be used for aseptic and it can be used for containment and it can also be used for chemistry. You can see where it really makes it kind of a versatile thing when you’re working with any kind of powder product.

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