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Screening Services for Pre-Clinical Development of Neuro-Pharmaceuticals and Safety Pharmacology

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The MEA-neurochip technology offers an attractive in vitro endpoint for neurotoxicity evaluation of chemicals in the context of regulatory requirements. Currently, neurotoxicity assessment required by the OECD and EC test guidelines is based solely on in vivo testing.

In vitro recordings from cultured neuronal networks on MEA-neurochips represent a powerful tool to evaluate the dynamics of activity in response to chemical exposure and represent a simplified model to study the electrophysiological behavior.

The functional screening of substances with neuronal networks provides important indications about toxicology and safety pharmacology. Unexpected neurophysiological side effects can be discovered early through NeuroProof technology. Thus, important cost-saving indications can be furnished early in the development of pharmaceuticals.

IC50 test – Assessment of the effective domain

The effective domain of substances can be shown by dose-effect curves. When explicit indications of the substances’ site of action are present, this information can be further specified using optimised tissue-specific cultures.

Neuronal networks as broadband sensor

Unknown new effects can also be detected with the help of neuronal networks. This is mostly impossible with other technologies as these presume fundamental knowledge of the effect mechanisms.

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