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TruBio DV Bioprocess Control Software

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TruBio® DV software is a hardware independent, highly configurable interface to the DeltaV control platform that has been developed with GAMP4 methods and validated for cGMP applications.

TruBio DV software is pre-configured with algorithms for controlling bioprocess parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, agitation, pressure, foam, level, gas/ liquid flow, and weight, as well as supporting redundant sensor loops such as pH, temperature, or dissolved oxygen. TruBio DV software can be used with glass vessels, wave bioreactors and most types of single-use bioreactors, to provide a seamless integrated solution from R&D through production.


  • Powered by the DeltaV Control Platform from Emerson
  • Scalable from R&D and PD into GMP manufacturing
  • Hardware independent
  • Highly configurable using pull-down menus
  • Easy connectivity to third party devices
  • Calibrate any analog input and create reports
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