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TruDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

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TruDO® Optical probes solve the problems associated with traditional DO sensors i.e., midrun sensor failure, polarisation, leaking electrolyte, broken or poisoned cathodes.

The TruDO Optical sensor has one replaceable part, the sensor cap. Unlike a traditional DO sensor, the TruDO sensor cap needs to be replaced very infrequently (every six months or so). In side by side tests the sensor tracks traditional DO probes without the need for membrane replacement after every run or two. In addition the probe can be kept in the reactor without maintenance before CIP and left dry without any adverse effects.

Plug and play

TruDO Optical 12mm diameter sensors are designed for plug and play replacement of existing polarographic DO sensors.

T82/D4 cables

Connect your existing DO cable to the TruDO Optical power adapter, attach the TruDO Optical sensor and plug in the power supply. You are ready to go! Follow your normal SOP for calibration and operation.

VP cables

Connect your existing DO cable to the TruDO Optical sensor, then attach the TruDO power supply to the two unused wires on the VP 6.0 cable to power the sensor, plug in the power supply and you are ready to go!

New DO loops

No transmitter is required. While the TruDO Optical sensor is designed as a plug and play replacement for traditional polaragraphic DO sensors it can also be used without a transmitter. The reason is that the transmitter is already built into the sensor saving you the cost of a transmitter for every new installation.

4-20 mA output

For customers that want a 4mA to 20mA dissolved oxygen signal output, the TruDO Optical sensor provides this when connected to a VP cable and the TruDO 4-20 mA output adapter.

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