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Finesse Solutions

Measurement and Control Technologies

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Finesse Solutions

TruViu™ PLSS has been specially designed for single-use pilot and small scale production bioprocess applications (< 2000L).

The system consists of an I/O tower, a Transmitter Tower, a Pump Tower, and a Gas Manifold, as well as a large range of peripherals(cart, HMI, scales, sensors, external pumps, etc.) TruViu PLSS interfaces easily with the TruLogic™ Controller to deliver optimal performance when using TruBio® DV software. TruViu PLSS is designed to be flexible, modular and configurable, in order to maximise ease-of-use, simplify installation, yet remain highly flexible for multi-product applications.


  • cGMP hardware solution for singleuse bioreactors
  • Modular and flexible
  • Plug and play configuration
  • Includes auxiliary control loops for easy control solutions
  • Includes the components required to control a typical pilot or small scale production unit
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