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Laboratoria Smeets

Blending and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Powders

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Laboratoria Smeets

Since Labo Smeets has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of sachets, we are also able to fill products other than powders. These include disinfectants in liquid form, gels, emulsions and ointments etc. An interesting opportunity is the filling of tablets in sachets, such as some food supplements for sampling purposes.

The sachet material is usualy a paper/aluminium/polyethylene extrusion laminate. In some cases Surlyn is used for dealing with sealing issues.

Polyester/aluminium/polyethylene is also a popular sachet material. An interesting possibility is the usage of peelable material in combination with the polyester laminate. Other barrier materials such as EVA, PVA, Siox, or Melamine are also an option.

The printing techniques are the traditionally known techniques. Sachet material is printed very much the same way labels are printed. This gives a lot of flexibility. In most cases we use flexo printing.

For higher quality printing Offset printing is used. Interestingly, sachet material is easy to be printed with the latest generation of digital presses. This can be done through toner or liquid based technology. The results for the digitally printed sachets are outstanding.

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