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Vifor Strategy in Contract Manufacturing

Vifor Pharma

Contract Development and Contract Manufacturing offers a challenging environment for our talented pharmaceutical technologists and enables Vifor to use its diversified production equipment for the manufacturing of medium-sized order volumes of solid, semi-solid and liquid formulations.

To ensure the delivery of products and the development of innovative products, Vifor Pharma can rely on the following expertise:

  • Fulfillment of high GMP-quality standards (EU and FDA requirements) certification through a corporate Quality Management System
  • Development team, centrally managed from Switzerland, taking advantage of the multi-cultural background and extensive experience
  • Three Manufacturing facilities based in Switzerland and Portugal for oral and topical product ranges.
  • Skilled employees, Swiss precision, strong technical capabilities and a high level of commitment of relatively small but efficient teams at each individual site for a great flexibilty and strongly orientated customer service

Solid Dosage Form:

  • Wet and dry granulation is available to prepare final blends from pilot scale to industrial batch size.
  • Tablets, micro-tablets are produced on automated presses for regular and matrix tablets. Sustained release profile are obtained by film-coating on various coating pans.
  • Last generation encapsulators enable the filling of capsules with powder or two different components (volumetric dosage, 100 per cent weight-check). A unique equipment fills caps with a solid component (powder or granulate, pellets, micro-tablets) before closing the bottles filled with liquid.
  • Blistering operations are done on lines equipped with the most recent technologies and enable individual cell identification.
  • Pot filling is done for capsules, tablets and soft gel capsules into plastic pots.

Liquid and Semi-Solid Forms:

  • Solution and suspension having high sugar or/and alcohol content are manufactured in different equipment size and under controlled conditions.
  • Filling of solutions, suspensions and emulsions is carried out on flexible lines with full control of the packaging operations (barcode scanners, on-line weighing and optical control)
  • Semi-solid: a wide range of equipment enables the manufacturing and the packaging of gel, ointment cream, suppositories, paste and enema with the highest level of control.
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