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VITsafe Safety Wash-Bottles, Narrow- and Wide-Mouth


Working with chemical substances, which are sometimes dangerous, requires a high level of responsibility and concentration. VITLAB provides laboratory equipment that fulfils safety requirements in the form of the VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles.

For the first time, VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles are now optionally available made from polyethylene (PELD) or polypropylene (PP). PP adds a significantly higher level of resistance toward many organic solvents, and wash-bottles made from PP may also be autoclaved at 121 °C for 20 minutes.

The proprietary design of the metal-free VENT-CAP, red coloured, reduces excess static pressure according to the principle of gas permeability, or respectively steam permeability. Leakage or dripping is almost completely eliminated.

All VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles have permanent imprints stating the statutory information required in accordance with GHS, as well as other important information: Chemical name in German, English, French and Spanish, hazard pictogram and labelling, chemical formula, CAS number, hazard statements H-phrases, precautionary statements P-phrases, as well as the NFPA code.

All VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles are available in two variations. To VITLAB’s traditional narrow-mouth wash-bottles we have added a new line of widemouth wash-bottles that simplify filling, even without a funnel. You can choose from a variety of 18 laboratory solvents. Available in 3 sizes: 250, 500 and 1000 ml.

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