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Volumetric Flasks, Class A and Class B


Exact measurements of a wide variety of liquids are especially important wherever measurement analysis takes place. Along with pipettes, volumetric flasks are the most accurate volume measuring tools in a modern laboratory. They do not show a system of graduated scale markings, but rather a single calibration mark. This mark extends around the neck and the calibrated volume is clearly marked. The tolerances for the volume of the flask contents are dictated by the German Calibration Regulations and the recommendations of ISO and DIN. These tolerances are adhered to very strictly and often even surpassed.

VITLAB adjusts each individual receptacle according to DIN EN ISO 1042 at a room temperature of 20°C. This significantly exceeds the required tolerances for Class B measuring flasks. Even after autoclaving at a temperature of 121°C for a period of 20 minutes, the high degree of accuracy is maintained. Because of the anti-stick characteristics of the material, measuring flasks from VITLAB can assure that the measured liquid quantity (In) is the same at the removed quantity (Ex).

Class A: the tolerances lie within the levels dictated by DIN and ISO.
Class B: the tolerances are twice the margins of error for Class A dictated by DIN and ISO.

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