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Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming

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War Games & Scenario Analysis

Fuld & Company

A war game is a structured strategic exercise that allows companies to understand and explore future strategic options.

War games bring competitive intelligence to life in a forum that is both rigorous, enlightening, and engaging. These private, closed-door sessions enable executives to: thoroughly understand the competitive situation, anticipate competitor actions, predict likely marketplace reactions, evaluate strategy, make critical decisions and avoid costly missteps. War games are about anticipating competitive moves before your rivals make them.   War games

You need to consider a war game when you face: a threat from current competitors, imminent entry of new rivals, industry consolidation, a change in the external environment (regulatory pressure, change in consumer preference, channel shifts, etc.), or a threat from a new technology or a similar disruption.

In addition to our private, customised war games, Fuld annually holds public war games involving teams from the world’s top business schools. These sessions demonstrate how war games work and their powerful ability to reveal strategic opportunities for management. Click on the short videos below to get a glimpse of our most recent public games and their predictive power.

Fuld & Company has facilitated war games for companies around the globe. For more information on this service, or should you want to run a specific war game, please contact us.

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