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Workflow and Consultancy

DVS Quality Solutions Limited

In a regulated environment the focus on packaging is generally to ensuring that the content and regulatory information is correct and complete. However, the workflow can be fragmented and without a clear path through and defined stages of quality inspection errors can slip through and the possibility of a recall can become a reality. If there are different quality tools used at the different stages the results may not be consistent.


A WorkfloW review will take in not only in-house procedures but also vendor site procedures to ensure that there is a consistency in inspection and quality from start to finish thereby reducing the potential for packaging recalls. Reviews are tailored to the client’s needs and can be as extensive as required.

In addition to the WorkfloW review we can also conduct general consultancies. These are specific to the Packaging workflow and can help to ensure that the packaging not only meets regulatory needs but also conforms to the most efficient specification to maximise output though the packaging equipment as well as meeting the Corporate and branding requirements of the client.
We have specialist consultants who cover the following areas of operation:

1. Artwork generation and management

  • The methods and procedures for the creation of artwork from the regulatory documentation.
  • The methods and procedures for the confirmation of artwork content.
  • The storage and retrieval of information and documents.
  • Methods and procedures for the confirmation of vendor supplied artwork and proofs.

2. Packaging and Print Quality Control

  • Methods and procedures for ensuring that the incoming packaging meets the required standards for content, colour and size.

3. Packaging and Print Specification

  • Review of the specifications for the packaging processes and assessment of the components to ensure that they achieve optimum performance through those processes.
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