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Wrap Around Label


The Faubel-Compact® Label can be wrapped around small-sized containers several times, to create more space for information. The label remains easily and safely re-closable after every use.

Wrap around labelThe recurrent problem with small diameters is that they do not leave enough room to fit in the text required in different languages. The wrap-around version of the booklet is the ideal solution to accommodate a great deal of text on small, round containers such vials or syringes. For long contents, the label is simply wrapped around the round vessel as many times as necessary. Thanks to its optimum adhesive quality, the label remains easily and safely re-closable after every use.

Options available for all Faubel products:

  • Braille coding (screen printing)
  • Security features (wide selection of technologies)
  • Blinding / cover methods
  • Application of speciality varnishes and fast colours
  • Thermo-sensitive colours
  • Tamper-evident systems
  • Labels for cold and deep freeze storage
  • Non-stick, peel-off labels
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