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Zenatek Tracking System


Our main product, the “Zenatek Tracking System” (ZTS), introduces a new level of performance in tracking, monitoring and reporting of goods in transit.

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In fact, this new smart technology allows the logistic operators to manage and monitor events in the supply chain in real time, 24/7. It also provides customers in transit visibility of their shipments with a high quality and safe service end-to-end, eliminating all uncertainty about the goods being transported, in dry or reefer containers, providing stakeholders enough and timely information to re-route shipments if necessary. These capabilities translate in an improved efficiency of the supply chain, providing high returns just by reducing misuse of containers, avoiding rejected loads, due to temperature excursions beyond a pre-established range and among other benefits correct demurrages timings.

The service, that lasts as long as the battery does, usually 3 or 4 months or 120-150 sent messages, is all comprehensive of the cost of the information it may send during its lifespan, whenever the device is traveling and from any container it may subsequently be attached to, wherever it is worldwide through an effective worldwide partnership with Vodafone.

Real-time technology provides data about container tampering, unscheduled stops, door opening/closing, temperature range in which the client want to monitor, and all other environmental parameters depending on what are the client’s necessities.
The main characteristics of our system is the ability of gathering and transmitting enough representative data to the client – without redundancy – and at the end having the lowest possible cost impact.

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The Zenatek Tracking System is based on a device called Container Tracking Device (CTD), easily installed directly in the middle of the container doors with a simple procedure. It is configured on a Web portal where the clients can connect via Internet with an encrypted code reserved only for them, to consult at any time all the information about the transportation of their containers.
The device is engineered on the GPS and GSM technologies that will have a two-way communication – cellular and satellite – responding to customer needs and/or network availability. Remote configuration of temperature thresholds and transmission intervals to the Data Center are also an included feature. The Zenatek Tracking System does not require any additional investment in fixed infrastructure such as porticos, readers, repeaters, etc.
Our unit does not require to be recovered and sent back to the client, eliminating all costs associated with these tasks (recovery personnel, forwarding, re-configuration, re-stocking, etc.).
However due to its extended battery life, the client having already paid for the Service, can keep using the CTD until it runs out of energy and then dispose of it.

Our CTD is small and very sturdy piece of equipment, with simple specifications and even simpler fool-proof installation. It has been tested under EC and FCC standards. Threat of a terrorist attack can never be eliminated but it can certainly be reduced and possibly contained. Un-checked and un-monitored containers, trailers or rail cars and current business procedures in many ports and points of origin around the world represent a hidden danger that we are all aware of.

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