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Global Technical and Engineering Specialists



ABB Consulting provides technical and engineering services to help companies in the global process industries achieve operational excellence.

The company’s consultants work in partnership with customers, transferring knowledge to allow the benefits it delivers to be sustained and increased.

ABB identifies and implements pragmatic solutions based on technical excellence and industry expertise.

Identifying and implementing solutions based on technical excellence and industry expertise

ABB offers expertise in the following areas:

•   Environmental services

•   Industrial energy efficiency

•   Inspection

•   Specialist functional engineering

•   Integrity management

•   Operations improvement

•   Project services

•   Process safety

•   Technical software

•   Technical training

Reducing risk and optimising costs for the pharmaceutical industry

ABB provides a full solution, from the identification of potential issues through to action implementation to ensure benefits are realised. This benefits customers by:

•   Reducing risk

•   Optimising costs

•   Improving manufacturing efficiency

As part of ABB, clients have access to the expertise of more than 124,000 employees in 100 countries worldwide.


ABB Consulting
Daresbury Park
Cheshire WA4 4BT

Tel. +44 (0) 1925 741111


Industrial Energy Efficiency

ABB helps optimise industry companies to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions. The company identifies energy and utility savings and implements improvement programmes that deliver sustainable savings. Savings are typically 5-20% and arise throughout the energy system including reduced consumption, minimising distribution losses and improving generation efficiency. Identifying opportunities and pragmatic improvements ABB's approach…

Inspection Services

ABB is a leading provider of third-party pressure systems inspections and risk-based inspections (RBI) studies in the UK and the North Sea. Managing integrity has become more challenging due to ever-increasing regulatory pressures and the issues of ageing assets. ABB helps operating companies to achieve the right balance between integrity assurance and cost. ABB adopts…

Operational Excellence

ABB helps process industry companies improve the effectiveness of their manufacturing operations. Working with manufacturing teams we focus on enhancing competencies, behaviours and working practices to deliver significant financial benefits. ABB's approach is based on its well developed and proven change management methodology (i2i), that improves an organisation's capability to deliver sustainable continuous improvement.

Process Safety

ABB is a leading provider of process safety services to high hazard process industries across the world. They help process industry companies improve the safety of their operations. More demanding legislation and public scrutiny are increasing the need for operators to demonstrably improve the safety of their operations. ABB provides an expert independent view on…

Project Services

ABB is a leading provider of client-centric project services to complex and high hazard process industries. Maintaining a significant in-house engineering capability is increasingly difficult to justify in today's business environment. However, operators still want to access a full range of experienced discipline engineers when needed. This should cover mechanical, control & electrical, civil& structural,…
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